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Our philosophy

Committed to the environment

In recent decades, we have made a qualitative leap towards more environmentally responsible land transport. Faithful to our corporate values, we have positioned ourselves as one of the leading companies in the combined transport sector on the Iberian Peninsula.


To be environmentally and socially sustainable.


To make our environment profitable.


Contributing to global development.


Social, environmental and economic balance.


Global Logistic Plan

Alonso Group is currently developing its Global Logistics Plan. A commitment to greater efficiency in the energy cost of transportation and the progressive reduction of polluting emissions at a global level, in favor of the decarbonization of the planet.

The core of this ambitious plan is the commitment to intermodality as a fundamental tool to connect the main freight transport hubs with each other via rail. The Global Logistic Plan is a project co-financed by the European Union through the "Connecting Europe" Facility.


Reducing the carbon footprint

Last mile, or capillary distribution, is the management of parcel transport focused on the journey prior to final delivery. It is a key concept in the logistics of the future due to the challenges involved in making it a success. Transportes Alonso offers a wide range of services related to the last mile through light and sustainable vehicles, with the consequent reduction of the carbon footprint through optimised delivery routes.

We live in a society increasingly focused on the environment and the impact of our activities on the planet where our respect and contribution to sustainability is a fundamental value. Transportes Alonso offers a service characterised by the reduction of polluting emissions and a reduction in costs that benefits the end customer.



+Clean energy


Reconocimiento a nuestro ahorro energético

sellos sostenibilidad tas

Transportes Alonso has managed to reduce 8.1% of its polluting emissions into the atmosphere in the last five years. Grupo Alonso's Transport Division has emitted 5,456 fewer tons of CO2 since 2014. This fight against climate change has been endorsed by the Ministry of Ecological Transition with the award of the Calculo y Reduzco Seal.

Descubre nuestra Política de Calidad y Medio Ambiente

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Our headquarters, a sustainable building

Our headquarters, located in a strategic enclave in the Port of Valencia, are built entirely from shipping containers, one of the most characteristic elements of the logistics sector. The use of this construction element as a basic structural system is a practical example of our policy of respect for the environment, as the containers are recyclable and reusable.

Their sustainable structure reduces the impact on the environment where they are located by reducing energy consumption during construction and minimising the construction process in terms of both pollution and noise pollution.

Another of the great peculiarities of Alonso's modern building is that its original exterior design leaves the doors of the containers uncovered, maintaining their original appearance. Each one of them, 12 in total, has been faithfully painted in the colours of the world's main shipping companies, including logos, data and serial numbers. An example of cooperation between the different players in the logistics chain.