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Nuestra compañia transportes alonso salcedo


Professionalism in land transport

At Transportes Alonso we work with all types of goods and our services cover the entire Iberian Peninsula. Our company has branches in Valencia, including offices in Sagunto and Murcia, as well as in Barcelona, Madrid and Algeciras. Strategic enclaves in national and international logistics.

We transport all types of goods in containers, one of the most widely used forms of transport nowadays, and we have extensive experience in the transport of tippers, gondolas or ADR, available to any industrial sector, whether exporter or importer.

Safety, efficiency, sustainability and digitalisation characterise all of Alonso's land transport services, a company that is constantly evolving to adapt to the demands and needs of logistics.


Solutions for all types of
type of goods


transportes gondola alonso salcedo

Gondola transport

This is one of the best ways to transport heavy or large vehicles (machinery, tractors, lorries, etc.) by road. At Transportes Alonso we have trailer platforms with the capacity to move large tonnage equipment. We can reach any point on the Iberian Peninsula.


Transportes basculantes alonso salcedo

Tilting transports

Transportes Alonso offers the transport of solid and granular goods by means of lorries with tilting tubs, which allow the weight of the load to be distributed and avoid tipping. An efficient solution that offers the capacity to transport a large amount of material with the minimum possible journeys.


Nuestra compañia transportes alonso salcedo

Dangerous goods (ADR)

The transport of dangerous goods is subject to strict national and international regulations governing their transport, storage and handling. At Transportes Alonso we offer an efficient and competitive ADR goods transport service to guarantee total safety to their final destination.


Nuestra compañia transportes alonso salcedo

Special transports

At Transportes Alonso we have extensive experience in transporting goods that, due to their size, nature or characteristics, need to be transported in special vehicles that require authorisations and administrative procedures. In this type of transport we cover the whole of the Iberian Peninsula.


Nuestra compañia transportes alonso salcedo

Crane trucks

Crane trucks are characterised by their built-in crane and loading platform. Their versatility for self-loading and goods transport make them highly demanded vehicles in any industrial sector. At Transportes Alonso we have truck cranes for this type of service.


Nuestra compañia transportes alonso salcedo

Reefer trucks

Transportes Alonso has refrigerated containers for transporting all types of perishable goods to any point on the Iberian Peninsula. Refrigerated and perishable logistics, as an essential transport, is important in the operation of the national and international supply chain.


Nuestra compañia transportes alonso salcedo

6-axle light platforms

At Transportes Alonso we have light platforms with up to six axles for special, heavy or large transports. This type of platform is useful for any type of industry, always allowing the maximum load. Our experience allows us to achieve maximum efficiency.


Large fleet of trucks

Transportes Alonso has a fleet of more than 500 units equipped with the latest technologies. Thanks to the modernisation undertaken in recent years, 20% of our vehicles currently run on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). In addition, the last mile transport service, or capillary distribution, is offered with a fleet of natural gas trucks exclusively. A great contribution towards making cities much more sustainable and committed to the environment. A true green revolution.

All Transportes Alonso services are carried out by highly qualified professionals, a guarantee of success for any transport operation. Thanks to the heterogeneity of its fleet, Transportes Alonso can offer different services according to technical or commercial needs.

Nuestra compañia transportes alonso salcedo

Competitiveness and sustainability in road transport

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Our container depots

Transportes basculantes alonso salcedo


At our facilities in Valencia we have more than 200,000 m², of which 80,000 m² are dedicated to container storage and services while 40,000 m² are for vehicle parking. The base is located just 25 kilometres from the port of Valencia, one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean.

Transportes basculantes alonso salcedo


In Barcelona we have 50,000 m² for container storage and services, as well as a 10,000 m² warehouse with mixed gauge rail access. An intermodal offer to combine different modes of transport (land, rail or sea). It is located less than 10 kilometres from the port of Barcelona.

Transportes basculantes alonso salcedo


In the capital of Spain we have a storage capacity of more than 50,000 m². Facilities that offer a comprehensive service for containers without the need to change premises (laundry, repairs, etc.). Its location is strategic: the logistics centre is located on the A3 between the M45 and M50 ring road.

Transportes basculantes alonso salcedo


Our facilities in the south of the Iberian Peninsula have 80,000 m² for container storage and 24,000 m² for dry storage. In Algeciras we have a service for the supply of natural gas, as well as a mechanical workshop, weighbridge and repairs. It is only one and a half kilometres from the port area.

Transportes basculantes alonso salcedo


In Murcia we have logistics facilities of 15,000 square metres dedicated to container storage and warehousing. A modern enclosure with the best road accesses to cover this region of the Iberian Peninsula, which is a leader in exports in different productive sectors, especially in the agri-food sector.

Our fleet of over 500 vehicles covers 75 million kilometres a year


Nuestra compañia transportes alonso salcedo


Digitalisation process

In the digital era, the road transport sector is no exception. Transportes Alonso is currently working to increase its digitalisation processes and, with the help of new technologies, to improve its services. We have our own software, developed exclusively for us, which includes the entire maritime, air and land management process. In addition, for all transport orders, we use a geolocation system, GPS and APP's for smartphones.

All this development allows us to offer real-time tracking of goods, improve the quality of deliveries, automate some services, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

A digital process that does not stop and that allows us to move towards a new production model that benefits the company, customers and suppliers. Digital transformation is the seed of innovative and forward-looking companies, as is the case of Transportes Alonso.